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The 1975 Tour CD

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Recorded in Florence, Italy, 1975:

Guillaume Dufay

John Dunstable

5. Textless Motet with added text for communion

Recorded in Carcassonne, France, 1975:

Johannes Ockeghem
Missa Prolationum
6. Kyrie
7. Gloria
8. Credo
9. Sanctus
10. Agnus Dei

Recorded in Yellow Springs, Ohio, at the 1996 Reunion with 1973 Chorus:

Johannes Ockeghem

11. Kyrie from Missa Prolationum (Download includes track 12)
12. Gloria from Missa Prolationum
13. Talking
14. John Dunstable, Textless Motet with added text for communion
John Richard Ronsheim, Conductor
Jane Burner, Joanna L. Gerngross, Lynn Hirschberg, Carmel Johnson, LeMei Moore, Hollis Near, Sherri Roberts, Deborah Spragg, Laurie White, Gretchen Wickman, Patricia Yarborough
Altos: Peggy Ahwesh, Shannon Edwards, Nina Geller, Debbie Gimelson, Susan Graham, Elizabeth Haywood, Joy Joseph, Nora Kleps, Sarah McCroskey, Robin McDonald, Netta Moore, Julie Piekarski, Jean Rashkind, Anna Seaberg, Polly Young
Tenors: David Bergen, Stephen Crane, Stephen Dembski, Charles Doering, Austin Haley, Mark Hite, Elizabeth Lucké, John Minarik, Kim Mitchell, John Pacht, Martin Poehler, Rick Ray, Richard Robinson, Gretchen Stitt, Sarah Young
Basses: Adam Haas, Richard Jones, Chris Goddard, Michael Kerner, Forrest Lowe, John Lubarr, Douglas McIntire, Steven Mueller, Joseph Rosen, Robert Shapiro, Roger Stigliano, James Stoertz, Jeff Treistman, Mark Trexler, Thomas Weed

Produced by John Ronsheim and Rick Ray
Edited and mastered by Rick Ray and Lee McElroy. Original recording by Forrest Lowe
Graphic design by Steven Mueller
Photos by Ryck Bird Lent, Kim Mitchell, and Sherri Roberts
Thanks to Steve Dembski, Billy Oskay and Anna Seaberg
Special thanks, on behalf of the entire chorus, to John and Eileen Ronsheim for creating and sharing the possibilities of this experience.
  – RR