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Specializing in the fifteenth century music of Ockeghem, Dufay and Dunstable

John Richard Ronsheim, Founder

The Antioch Chorus toured Europe in 1973 and 1975. This university choir of about 50 singers made high-quality recordings while on tour in France and Italy. For some of these compositions, it was the first-ever recording. After a reunion and concert in 1996, a CD was produced from the original tapes of each tour.

Antioch College Chorus Reunion, March 22-24, 2013, San Francisco
Antioch Chorus energy is bubbling again. And 2013 marks the 40th anniversary of the 1973 Chorus trip, a sober-but-celebration-worthy complement to those bubbles.

Many of you have been dreaming of an Antioch European Chorus '73/'75 reunion, and some S.F. Bay Area members are making it happen. A March 23rd, 2013, Antioch alumni event in San Francisco provides us a target date.

We're keeping the weekend simple. You might want to sing or you might just join us to socialize, listen, and have fun. Either way, the group who do sing can give a very short "performance" at the larger alumni reunion. By having a 3 day schedule (chorus dinner Friday, Reunion events Saturday afternoon/evening and chorus brunch Sunday) we hope you might be enticed to come even if you live far away; and of course you can choose to come for one of the events or for all three days.

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About this site
This site contains information on the CDs, the tours themselves and about John Ronsheim. Many of John Ronsheim's thoughts on music and life can be found in the liner notes.

NEW! MP3s are here! All of the music on our CDs are now available for free download. All of the pieces are available in high-quality (192 Mbps) MP3 format. There are also low-fidelity samples for folks with slow Internet access. Of course, you can still purchase the CDs!

Check out the photo tours in the Photo Gallery. There are 9 tours in all, totalling over 80 pictures, including reunion photos and pics from the 1998 events in San Francisco and Seattle.

We're linked! Todd M. McComb has listed both the 1973 and 1975 CDs at the Medieval Music & Arts Foundation ( site. A large part of that site is devoted to early music. Be sure to check out Pierre-F. Roberge's comprehensive Ockeghem discography where our CDs are cross-referenced.

Thanks to members and friends of the chorus, we have recovered the CD costs. Income beyond costs will used to support chorus projects and reunions. Chorus members, to submit something for this site, please email Rick Ray.