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Download Free MP3s
If you've got a slow Internet connection, or just want to sample the CDs, try these two smaller, lower quality MP3s:
From the 1973 CD you can listen to or download the Introitus
from Ockeghem's Requiem Mass (Missa pro defuntis).
Guillaume Dufay's Alleluia from Missa Sancti Jacobi
is available from the 1975 CD.

If you've got the bandwidth or the patience, you can download any of the tracks from our 1973 or 1975 CDs. All of the pieces are available here in high-quality (192 Mbps) MP3 format.

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DOWNLOAD MP3s — here's the music, grouped by composer.
To download an MP3, right click, or control-click (Mac) on a title below, and choose "Download Link to Disk." Note: these files are up to 45Mb.


Guillaume Dufay

Missa Ave Regina caelorum (1973 recording)
Antiphon Ave Regina caelorum (1975 recording)
Cantilena Flos florum (1975 recording)
Alleluia from Missa Sancti Jacobi (1975 recording)


John Dunstable

Textless Motet (1973 recording)
Textless Motet (1975 recording)
Textless Motet (low-quality 1996 reunion recording)


Johannes Ockeghem

Requiem (Missa pro defuntis) (1973 recording)
Kyrie from Missa Cuíusvis toni, mixolydian mode
Kyrie from Missa Cuíusvis toni, phrygian mode (1973 recordings)
Missa Prolationum (1975 recording)
Kyrie and Gloria from Missa Prolationum (low-quality 1996 reunion recording)


Introduction to music by director John Ronsheim at 1996 reunion